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The Cacoethes Publishing House owned a number of websites including,,, among others. Denise Mosley was the owner.
Cacoethes Publishing House no longer offers publishing services.

Content is from the site's 2008 archived pages. View this site for historical purposes.

114 167TH ST S
SPANAWAY, WA 98387-8264
(253) 536-3747

Cacoëthes—pronounced KAK-oh-EE-theez—is Greek for uncontrollable desire. And at Cacoëthes Publishing house we have an uncontrollable desire to publish quality works of literature in all genres of writing. We have a commitment to ourselves and to our core audience to be the best and produce the best. When you read one of our books, we want you to be scintillated and driven into discussion over a work of non-fiction, or even titillated and made hot by our works of erotica. At Cacoëthes we know that hard core, true readers have a favorite genre, favorite author, heck even a favorite time to read throughout the day. And our goal is to drive you wild with an insatiable need to come back for more, no matter what your genre of choice is.

Note this:

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Non-fiction books on a variety of topics; Series of fiction and non-fiction books on a variety of topics

Book and review publishing; Electronic publishing services, namely, publication of text and graphic works of others on our company website featuring ebooks and other forms of book publishing.; Multimedia publishing of books, magazines, journals, software, games, music, and electronic publications; Publishing of books and reviews; Publishing of books, magazines; Publishing of electronic publications; Publishing of journals, books and handbooks ...

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an agent to submit a manuscript to Cacoethes Publishing House?
You do not need an agent to submit a manuscript to Cacoethes Publishing House. Some of our authors do have agents; however it is not a necessity for us to consider your work.

If I submit my manuscript, what are my chances it will get published?
This is a difficult question to answer because great works are always wanted. This really is a case by case situation.

How do I submit to Cacoethes Publishing or Whatever Publishing?
We only accept electronic submissions. Authors must be comfortable with MS Word, and be competent with email and online discussion loops. Please send all submissions to [email protected].

How long does it take to find out whether my manuscript has been accepted or rejected?
This really depends on how busy we are at the time we receive your submission. An acknowledgement of receipt is typically sent out within 72 hours. A response to your submission can take up to a month. For those submissions selected for additional consideration, a final decision could take anywhere from one to twelve months.

How much money can I expect to make with Cacoethes Publishing House, LLC?
That varies greatly from author to author. Royalty payments depend largely upon how many titles you have placed with us, how popular those titles become with readers, and how well you market your stories. It is important to remember that it takes an extreme amount of popularity with readers and quite a few available titles to make enough money at writing to live off of the income.

How often do Cacoethes Publishing House writers get paid?

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still write for Cacoethes Publishing House, LLC.?
If your bank will accept checks drawn on an American bank, than yes. We will not pay wiring fees to electronically transfer the funds into your bank account.

What formats are the ebooks available in?
Ebooks are available in .lit, .rb, .pdb, .pdf, and .html format.




We are looking for talented writers in all genres. If you are interested in publishing with our company, please submit a synopsis, the first 3 chapters of your work, and a brief biography to [email protected]  

to the attention of Denise Mosley.  

• Contemporary Romance
• Fantasy
• Futuristic
• Historical
• Paranormal
• Romantic Suspense
• Time Travel
• Fables
• Holiday
• Horror

• Big Beautiful Women

• Westerns
• Sci-fi
• Mainstream
• Mystery-Suspense
• Inspirational
• Capture/Bondage
• Vampire/Werewolf
• Gay/Lesbian
• Interracial
• Menage
• Shape-shifter


***ATTENTION: Cacoëthes Publishing House wants authors for the following erotic romance series'...  

“Sometimes, When Fantasies Come True…”

2008 Valentines Theme “Cupid’s Kiss”


Submit your manuscripts to [email protected] attention Denise Mosley.   



Is searching for talented Authors in the following genre’s…

Fairy Tales
Romantic Comedy

Romance Fantasy

Time Travel (past)
Big Beautiful Women


If you believe you have what it takes to be a Cacoëthes Publishing House author, submit your manuscript to [email protected]


Itty Bitty








Super Novel



*We will only publish this small submission in ebook format due to the length. However, should we later incorporate this work into an anthology; we will also publish in print format.
We accept anthologies of short stories from the same author. It will need to fit in one of the appropriate word count categories above. Please submit as you would a novel.
Your submission must have electronic and print rights available. If any of these rights are unavailable, please do not submit.

  • Manuscript must be in Microsoft Word or RTF format.

  • Use only Ariel or Times New Roman 12 point font.

  • Double space your manuscript. Use your word processor's double spacing functionality, do not add hard returns inside the paragraph and do not add extra paragraph returns between paragraphs.

  • Use 0.3 inch indent for each paragraph.

  • Margins should be 1 inch all around.

  • No embedded images.

  • We only accept electronic submissions as an email cover letter with two file attachments. You must send all required information to be considered for publication. Partial submissions are subject to rejection without review.

Email Cover Letter
The Subject Line must be marked like this: Submission--title-of-novel

Your email cover letter must contain the following information:

  • Your full (real) name.

  • E-mail address.

  • Mailing address.

  • Phone number.

  • Exact title of your book.

  • Your pen name (whatever name you write under)

  • Word Count.

  • A short synopsis of the work.  

*Please put this information on both your cover letter and on the manuscript.*


Manuscript Attachment
Please provide us with a synopsis of the work and the first three chapters of your manuscript to [email protected].  

We would also like a brief bio, and any previous publication information.

**Please note that we will request the following information from you should we become seriously interested in your work…

  • Chapter-by-chapter outline.

  • Your promotion/marketing plan for your book.

  • Your website link (not a requirement).  

*Submit all of this [email protected].

Note: We NEVER release ANY personal information to third parties. All information you provide is kept in-house for the processing of your submission.

Acknowledgement of Receipt
You will be sent an acknowledgement when your submission is received, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Evaluation Time
The estimated time when you can expect an answer from us as to whether your novel has been accepted is usually within 90 days, however due to fluctuations in submissions, the time could be shorter or longer.

Costs to Author
There are no costs to the author if your manuscript is accepted; we pay all the costs for ISBN, Library of Congress registration, Books-in-Print registration, typesetting, cover design, editing, printing, production, sales, distribution, etc. You will be responsible for copyright costs ($30 plus two copies of your book) since you hold the copyright in your name. We have the forms and instructions available to help you get your work copyrighted. It is not necessary that your work be copyrighted prior to submission, but you should get your work copyrighted prior to publication.

Advances and Royalties
We do not pay advances, but royalties are paid on the net amount of each sale concluded within each calendar quarter. The author receives a royalty statement outlining sales information, along with the royalty check.
We pay 40% royalties on retail sales from those sales originating from the Cacoëthes Publishing House web site.
We pay 35% royalties on retail sales minus distribution costs for those sales that originate from various distribution channels we utilize. Royalties are paid on a calendar quarter basis by company check. For International authors, individual arrangements can be made in regard to the exchange rate

Royalties are paid on a calendar quarter basis by company check. For International authors, individual arrangements can be made in regard to the exchange rate.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Cacoethes Publishing author?
Can you capture the attention of a reader?
Dare to be different! We love unique works.
We hope to read your work soon!



Examples of Books Published / On Sale


Amaranth: The Preterhumans Book 1 --Print
by Katherine Bell

Amaranth is the first book in a series titled The Preterhumans, narrated by one Lizzy Drake. By day, she's a college sophomore, and by night, she's the unspoken second half of Murdock Investigations, the only private investigative agency in the Greater D.C. area run by Preterhumans, for Preterhumans. Currently, she's the half of the team that doesn't sling spells... or get paid. What started out as an assignment for university ethics is turning into a career where she could very well become the first half-vampire investigator in Washington... if she can just convince her boss to actually put her on the books. Soon, the case they're working on turns out to be a lot more than anyone in the Preterhuman world ever expected, as rumors begin to surface of monsters that even demons fear, creatures forgotten in the dark of the night, things best left forgotten...


The Beauty and The Beast
“Go to sleep pet. It’ll be day in only a few hours and I’ll bring you something to eat,” he murmured, gathering himself to depart.  “Wait!”  Belle grasped for him...He let her grip his hand, firmly entwining their fingers, and turned back to her.  “What’s wrong?”
$15.10 Available

Playing the Game
by Shawn Rohrbach

“Playing the Game” is a gritty, fast paced story of deception, manipulation and greed. These people will do anything for fast cash, including transporting a suit case nuke that is destined for terrorist hands. Set in New York, Seattle, Milan, Italy and the ski area of St. Moritz, Switzerland, they move among the rich and beautiful as they compete for the promised million dollar pay off


Gone Baby Gone
by Sage Whistler

Three years ago Luke Stronghold was involved in a robbery that might have claimed his life if not for his best friend Slater. Slater’s heroic actions did not come without a cost. Saving Luke forced Slater to reveal his darkest secret. One he unintentionally passed on to his best friend—lycanthropy. Luke fled in fear a few days after his brush with death and Slater has been looking for him ever since. Their might be only one chance for Slater to see his friend again. He is sure that Luke will keep his promise to see his little brother graduate from high school. And Slater has vowed to make amends for secrets kept and time lost. He’s about to reveal all his secrets, including the one he’s harbored in his heart. His love for Luke.


G-Strain -- Ebook
by Sage Whistler

What hides in your genes?

When Kenano Smith and Jared Mariner awoke in the morning they had no idea that their lives would change forever. Both men are carriers of the G Strain, which make them the perfect candidates for mating on Lykur.

Lykur is the home world of a race of alien warriors known as Lykurgans. The only thing these Lykurgans crave more than a good fight are plentiful mates. War has ravished their planet and sent these dominant, blue beings to the edge of the universe in search of viable mates.

They’ve finally found what they have searched so long for, but there is one thing they did not count on: there is no way to conquer love. It must be freely given, and for Lykurgans and humans it may mean compromise. It may mean sacrifice. It may just mean altering everything they’ve ever believed in.

***currently available in only pdf format***


Writers' Forums posted warnings about Cacoethes Publishing House.

Accentuate Writers Forum

posted on 3/10/2010
Shawn Rohrbach
Cacoethes Publishing House LLC
Be aware of these folks and if you have submitted and have been accepted, read the blgo postings and P&E postings about them. They published my first novel and will never receive another piece of work from me again. Currently having to engage my attorney on them.

posted on 3/27/2010
So I did a lot of research on these guys, mostly out of curiosity, and found some interesting stuff. For example, the business address they used doesn't exist. I actually CALLED a business located in the building they were supposed to be in and they said they'd never heard of them AND that a few other folks have called asking about them too!

The physical address for the company is listed as a home, and when you click on it in Google maps, wow - it's a pretty run down house, almost shack-like on a big lot, with a poor foundation and a fancy car in the driveway - which sorta means perhaps someone big on outward appearances and spends money to look good but doesn't really have a lot of money.

It seems there are several complaints about the books never being mailed. MOre complaints that books were supposed to come out as ebooks first then come out as print books later, but the print books never happened.

The site apparently goes down every other month or so with an 'account suspended' warning, asking the owner to contact the accounting department - as though perhaps the bill doesn't get paid on time and it's down for a few days until it gets paid.

There are a lot of unhappy authors, if you do a google search and you'll see their blog posts, guestbook posts and more... and AW has a big long huge thread about them with some authors' personal experiences.

Definitely one to stay away from at this point.



February 20, 2009

Victoria Strauss -- Cacoethes Publishing to Some of its Authors: See Ya!

Last year, e/print publisher New Concepts Publishing stirred up some discussion by posting a Public Notice listing the names of authors whose contracts it was terminating. Previously, New Concepts had been the focus of a variety of complaints, including late payments, failure to fulfill publicity promises, failure to edit, and releasing material without authorization. There was some speculation that New Concepts was booting authors who had been vocal in their dissatisfaction.

Now it appears that e/print publisher Cacoethes Publishing--also the focus of author complaints (including complaints to Writer Beware about nonstandard contract terms)--has followed in New Concept's footsteps. Cacoethes authors recently received this press release:

Ms. Denise Mosley has officially disclosed the names of the authors whose contracts are being terminated by Cacoethes Publishing House. In a closed interview she stated

“I think this move is beneficial for both parties. As a small company, we are unable to meet some of the unrealistic expectations of many of these people. We wish them luck with their future endeavors. However, at this time we are uninterested in continuing a working relationship with them.”

The current list consists of the following authors:

[five authors' names and book titles redacted]

This is the start of many changed [sic] for the company, which officially opened its doors November 15, 2007. Ms. Mosley plans to make another round of cuts during the spring.

“I think it’s good to evaluate our working relationships and effect the necessary changes.”

When questioned regarding the Blogs / Statements posted online regarding the stability of the company and other issues Ms. Mosley stated,

“I do not feed into idle gossip or slander. Nothing on those sites is accurate except for my phone number…the parties who participated in those vicious, libelous chats will be dealt with via our legal representatives. If I place my focus on those issues instead of the tasks ahead of our company, then I’m not doing my job.”

Not much comfort, perhaps, for the authors who've found themselves so summarily and publicly booted. Ms. Mosley also seems to be ignoring the fact that one of the "blogs" on which the statements appear is the guestbook of her own website.



Dustin Aguilar
Shara Azod
Katherine Bell
Ebony Brant
Lisa Burke
Will Buster
D.J. Carrington
Renee Clare-Kovacs
Gabriel Constans
Steve Cross
K.J. Dahlen
Debi Desantis
Farhan Devji
Adellandra Dratianos
J.L. Foster
Tony Gaskins
Anthony Giordano
AJ Hampton
Shayla Hart
Crymsyn Hart
McKinzie S. Heart
Graham Hooks
Georgina Hunt
William Johannessen
Sandra K.
AL Kelly
M.B. Levine
Leslie Martin
Heather Matthews
Donald Mills
Dan Moran
Rachel Noel
Vinnie Penn
Michael Power
Francisco Quinones
Dawn Reid
Shawn Rohrbach
Dahlia Rose
Isabelle Rose
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Chris Volkay
K.P. Wee
Sage Whistler
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson
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